Pioneering Technology - Business Breakthrough

Thanks to Industry 4.0, Cenhomes.vn develops a modern proptech platform. It is a combination between the modern technologies, expert knowledge of the market, and the absolute desire for customers' best experiences.

Sellers can easily appraise their real estate products at the right price. Buyers can find their suitable products. The support team and consultants are mentors and authorized agents who help transactions be made quickly, easily and transparently.

Customer care supports customers at any time

The professional consultants always support customers and investors in dealing with legal procedures, and making quick accurate transactions as well.


Cenhomes.vn team is good at product analysis, market research and evaluation, strategy consulting, marketing and communication solutions, detailed marketing plans, and more.


To apply smart technologies to realty transactions, Cenhomes.vn is a useful tool for both sellers and buyers in Vietnam's real estate market.

Valuation tool and big data

With valuation tool and big data, Cenhomes.vn proptech platform offers online appraisal tool, market reports and assessments by region.

3D Scanning

3D Scanning help customers have lively visual experiences of the real estate products. Customers can grasp all information about furniture, electronic equipment, measurement, just to name a few.

Virtual assistant consulting, 24/24 support

Virtual assistant gives 24/7 support to valued customers. All inquiries can be answered quickly because virtual assistant is knowledgeable about the projects and the real estate.

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