Patron council

The patron council of Cyber Agent are the senior executives of Cen Land – No. 1 real estate service ecosystem in Vietnam

Membership benefits

CYBER AGENT developed by the leading real estate firm in Vietnam - Cen Group is entitled to enjoy
01 Proptech platform connecting supply and demand
02 Direct support from mentors
03 Online training by Cen Academy
04 Unlimited commission
05 Attractive potential and opportunities

Thanks to proptech platform, agents can make transactions at any time and in any place proptech platform helps Cyber Agent easily access detailed information on thousands of real estate products that meet the criteria of "Dream home - Reasonable price - Legal transparency”.
The real estate transaction process including booking, deposit, payment, and more can be done with just a few clicks.

support until
closing the deal

Cyber Agents are directly guided by Cen Land's experienced sales managers and directors.
Supported by all relevant departments of Cen Land and the Cyber Agent Development and Support Center

Trained by a real estate intensive training academy

Logo Cen Academy
CEN ACADEMY offers basic to advanced courses, including theoretical knowledge, practical experience and internship opportunities to perfect Cyber Agents' ability to sell real estate products.
Thanks to courses, seminars, and thematic conferences, Cyber Agents have chance to meet experienced managers and successful entrepreneurs in the real estate.

Potential for unlimited passive income

Cyber Agent is a mutually supportive community, so there will be no barriers, boundaries or limitations on time or working regulations like traditional offices. Cyber Agents can be promoted into Cyber Agent Managers and recruit their Cyber Agents to receive an unlimited passive income without affecting their current job and that of their teammates

Commissions for Cyber Agents can be as much as those for official employees

Depending on the participation level of Cyber Agents from providing customer information to closing the deal, they will receive the corresponding commission levels equivalent to that of Cen Land full-time sales executives.

Technology has been changing the traditional method of transactions between sellers and buyers in all industries, especially the real estate.

Technology creates opportunities for hundreds of thousands of employees to participate in different industries and increase unlimited income.

Cyber Agent was born on the basis of Cen Group's proptech platform - the Group has many years of experience in real estate human resource development as well as market awareness.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Vu

Chairman of BOD of Cen Group
You've never had easier access to our best resources: attractive commission with a wide range of properties for sale, an advanced proptech platform, and a support team from Cen Land's experienced sales managers and directors

How to sign up to become a Cyber Agent

Step 1 Get information about's Cyber Agent
Step 2 Register to become a Cyber Agent
Step 3 Receive the call and confirm information with
Step 4 Confirm the Invitation Letter, get the Agent Code and sign the Contract
Step 5 Participate in training courses on real estate brokerage skills,
products and projects through Cyber Agent Talents
Step 6 Close the deal and get commission

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